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Carers Federation would like to celebrate Trevor, who’s a carer from Nottinghamshire and is a champion in getting the carers voice heard. Please see Trevor’s Story below –

Trevor’s Story
As an Unpaid Carer to my son who was born with a learning disability & autism in 1972, I have been his carers all his life & counting.
Retiring in 2009 I set out to get the best for my son by joining a few groups, 29 in all. Having attended these groups/committees/strategy groups/ethics groups/advisory groups, I found the pace of progress was glacial at best, some just went nowhere & I also found the plight of the Unpaid Carer was not mentioned at any of these groups, this made me determined to change it in someway & make a difference.

To this end I created the Carers Roadshows in 2013 & did around 20 shows year on year to 2019, when covid hit.
This didn’t even slow me down as I created the Virtual Carers Roadshow on a YouTube channel, which is still running today, the link can be found on my website, .
I have gone back to doing face-to-face Carers Roadshows in 2023, again doing around 20 shows year on year, but I also went National, helping to create roadshows in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & Derbyshire, as well as Nottingham City & County too.

Its not about me, its about making a difference as people may not remember what I say or even remember what I have done, but they will never forget how I made them feel, this is the footprint I want to leave before I depart this world.

Trevor .. Unpaid Carer.. Age 78
Survivor of Prostrate Cancer, Bowel Cancer & Diabetes 2
Right Now! Feeling Pretty Good!

Carers Federation Carers Hub offers carers space to be able to share how they are feeling and acknowledge that carers roles can be difficult at times. We are sharing Bridget’s thoughts on how she feels as a carer and what tools she has put in place to support her caring role.

Bridget access’s the Carers Hub monthly online support groups and can contact members of the Carers Hub Support Team if she feels she may need further information and advice.

(Where requested names have been changed)

The Cares Hub also works alongside other services and originations to build better partnership working, this can and will offer better support networks for all carers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.